Fleece Jacket

The Alive Performance Fleece is designed to be comfortable in every possible setting. It is moisture wicking, quick drying and made out of a super soft synthetic fabric. Perfect for training and the outdoors, just as well as for a cozy day in or a long travel on a plane. Zippable and insulated pockets keep your valuables safe on the go. The longer fit protects your lower back from wind, while the tapered arms and chest make sure you still look good while dressed comfy.
With its high neck, the Alive Fleece protects you from the cold and seals for an optimal windblock.
A slightly longer fit will protect your lower back from chilly temperatures and helps prevent a stiff back on the colder days.
High quality front zippers come with insulation in order to keep you protected from wind and weather.

Fleece Jacket „Alive Performance“
55.- EUR.
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