In early 2019 we set out to travel through South America. We arrived in Lima and were welcomed by a lovely host Family, incredibly hot weather and near perfect waves everyday.

Miraflores, Lima

After a morning Surf, our classes at Peruwayna Spanish School (, and the amazing Streetfood that you can find basically anywhere we would usually watch the sunset right here. It is safe to say that we loved Lima!

Morning Surf

We quickly picked up some spanish through our really good teachers at School and made Friends with a few locals that owned a Little coffee shop just down the road from our School. We would spend every single break there, enjoying fresh iced coffee and one of their delicious baked snacks.

Spanish classes, Surfing, Coffee and trying new exotic Foods was our daily commute- but it was time to make some plans for the rest of our trip in South america…

We finally decided to first head to Ica, a Tiny City hidden in the Desert. An Oasis completely surrounded by dunes as far as the eye can see. We were scared to death by our dune-bugggie Driver, but loved to get to experience the Dunes this way.

Sunset in the Dunes of Ica, Perú

From the middle of the desert, we made our way up the Andes- we got to Cusco. At around 3000m of altitude, every step was hard and breathing was extremely difficult. After lots and lots of strange-tasting Coca leaf tea, we managed to adjust and felt better. We rented Little motorbikes and began to explore our new place to live.

Cusco locals

The People of this Little City high up in the Andes were really nice and in General it felt a lot safer to move around the City than in Lima. Hooked by our little Motorbike tour, we made Friends with a local Touring Company that offers hard Enduro tours in the mountains. We teamed up to shoot a comercial with them, and were soon rewarded with the most stunning views we had ever seen riding.

Peru Moto tours ( was my absolute highlight of the trip, and i will never forget these incredibly hard but beautiful Days on my motorbike. Alejandro, the guide, is an incredibly skilled Rider who loves what he does and will find the perfect Terrain for absolutely everyone.

Views for days

To finish off our Journey through Perú, of Course we had to see the famous Machu Picchu. It was an extremely long and painful hike, even though Machu Picchu is only at approx. 1500m of altitude, which means you suffer a lot less from altitude sickness. Most tourists actually even take the bus up and avoid the hike. Being s famous as it it, the place was extremely crowded by a Million tourists trying to take Selfies with one of the lamas or the ancient temple. We quickly decided to hike up another path for a good hour until we finally got some peace from all of the tourists. The mountains surrounding Machu Picchu are extremely steep, and after the thousands of steps we finally sat down and enjoyed the view.

Machu Picchu- off the beaten path

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